I am truly not obsessed with the idea of creating something new "per say". 
Some are meant to live in this constant state of inner tension to provoke the birthing pains of something wished to be entirely new, rooted in the non-existent yet" future, never seen, never been. And some are meant to humbly honor the borderless, nameless ancestors, to build by playing with the bricks of knowledge that reached us despite the passage of Time and give birth freely to their own take on Life.
At first glance, the last ones seem less fancy though. But "new" does not necessarily mean "better". Neither does the "old".
By looking closely, we can see how both are needed, therefore intricated, in order for the pulse of life to be "functional".
The tree is half hidden roots, half visible branching. Mankind is half memory half expectation.
In order for the "new" to achieve the "better" ,the "old" has to be considered.
Somewhere "in between", standing on both grounds, is Timelessness. Behaving as a "driveshaft" , it has been my object of study for years and bringing up its patterns through clothing : my take on my limited time down here.
By observing how people warmly react to anything they consider "timeless", over the years I naturally came to the conclusion that the idea of Timelessness is for human consciousness a gift from the past to fully receive the present. 
Monia Benchoufi Moulin