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Since 2010

A garment neglected by couturiers from the nineteenth century onwards and today the protagonist of the MADAME WILLIAM M. collection. Luxurious night shirts that respond to the growing need to be perfect and elegant even within the walls of the house, escaping the dichotomy between ultra sexy negliges and comfortable but not very fashionable garments. Entitled Inner Collection, it declines fluid silk and chiffon in garments with architectural lines that support the silhouette and evoke a sober, modern and complex femininity.

Intimo Piu Mare - ITALY

Throughout the history of fashion, homewear oftentimes evolved into outerwear, but lately a number of brands focus on the mid-point between lingerie and pret-a-porter. A new brand that comes up this time is "MADAME WILLIAM M." : long dresses and robes with beautiful silhouettes to relax at home.

Women's Wear Daily - JAPAN

MADAME WILLIAM M. are very new and very French. They are producing very sexy (often very sheer) negligees to wear around the house, as well as extremely beautiful, extremely modest housecoats to put over the top when you get an unexpected guest and want to look respectable. As someone whose regular postman sees her in every stage from zombie in pyjamas, I am in love with this idea. As it's high end all the inside seams are finished beautifully, even the jersey is silk, and the linings are lovely. Linings are a thing when you're really into your clothes. . .

Thelingerieaddict.com - USA


Specifically designed with the highest quality of materials our Housecoats, Nightgowns & Pajamas Collections bring you elegance, comfort and a unique feeling of extreme softness from sunrise to sunset.