Communication Policy

We do not reply to messages that do not respect the universal conventions of correctness. Thus, a proper request should include greeting, full sentences, and overall appropriate langage.

Dear subscribers and followers,

Because clothing is a language where the details are the "words" that count, we are happy to share with you the foundations of our communications policy which is rooted in respect, politeness and constructive exchange. Reflecting our commitment towards elegance and timelessness, we aim to create a space where every exchange reflects courtesy establishing a solid foundation for every interaction.

1 The paramount importance of Communication

Clear and Precise communication is an absolute request in the art of tailoring. At MADAME WILLIAM M., we operate within the frame of respectful communication at every stage and with everybody. Every exchange is seen as an ephemeral work of art with lasting impressions. That's why we ensure that every response, every sharing of ideas, suggestions and experiences takes place in a courteous environment.

 2 The Power of Whole Sentences

Language is an intangible heritage that we take great care to respect.  We value the richness of communication using complete sentences.  Every employee and every client deserves to be treated with consideration, listened to with attention and understood with benevolance. Every one of your messages deserves a full response, the same way we give our full attention to the piece we make to your measures to fulfill your order.

3 Active listening & mutual respect

Active listening is at the heart of our business. This approach also aims to establish mutual respect in our exchanges. Every comment, suggestion or question is treated with the attention it deserves. We are here to listen to you and support you in your experience with us.

4 Exchange with Élégance

We invite you to continue this adventure with us by sharing with "élégance". Because we are not strangers to our clients, every message, every comment is an opportunity to strengthen the ties that bind us, in a spirit of respect and kindness. 





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