Madame William M.


Between your home and your skin, there are your clothes.

This is where the pulse of life concentrates and expresses its troubling complexity, its infinite depth.

From the time the day rises to the time the night wraps everything, our clothes coat you with structured volumes

and precious fabrics.

Behind the doorstep, covered by the shrine where your singularity radiates, they wait for you, with the desire to perpetuate indoors the demand for beauty that you carry outside.



The imprint of every moment, every memory, every dream, gathered while walking along towards oneself and towards the world, elaborate a silent inheritance, an intimate story.

These successive impressions sketch the living work of art that vibrates under your skin.

This unique architecture deserved a pedestal that would sublimate it at dawn as well as at dusk.

This is how the "Inner Collection" was born.



Born in Paris in 1982, protected by a heterogeneous, singular and solar brotherhood of which she long felt she was the fifth boy, Monia Benchoufi Moulin could enjoy a privileged observation post on how the masculine and the feminine exchange glances, as well as their contesting.

From the time she spent as a child in Louis Féraud's workshop in rue Bonaparte where, at Christmas time, the dressmakers would secretly fuss to dress its dolls with the

flagship dresses of the collection, she will keep the taste for things one does oneself, for imagination that takes shape, for technique that sweeps up doubts.

Later, Historical and Philosophical studies will joyfully feed her mind, for some time. They will however leave the gesture on hold, only to solidly anchor its regrettable absence.



Made with noble and carefully selected fabrics, our clothes are entirely made in France by the precise and passionate hands of our partner textile workshop.

The volumes and cuts combine with an intense chromatic range so that light and movement would give life to a

collection that is as harmoniously finished on the inside than on the outside.

We demand an impeccable item to accompany a unique mythology: yours.




2, rue de l'Isly
75008 Paris - France
+33 (0) 9 50 92 03 54


You are welcome upon prior appointment.